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Ten Nightmares Before Christmas: PVA Radio Theatre Productions

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by PVA Radio Theatre Productions

Ten Nightmares Before Christmas  Radio Plays from The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts at Central Memorial High School


The Whole Town is Sleeping

A warm summer night in a small town in Illinois county. A serial killer is on the loose and looking for beautiful things to claim as his own. Lavinia Nebbs doesn’t let fear get in the way of walking home from the cinema one night, but will she regret it?

Cabin B 13

A newlywed couple boards a great ocean liner for their honeymoon. After the groom mysteriously disappears on board, the bride is interrogated by the ship’s staff and doctor in an effort to uncover the truth.


This is the story of a last voyage in a spaceship and the four people who took it. In outer space, millions of miles away from earth a spacecraft collides with a massive meteor cutting the spaceship up the side like a giant can opener. The last remaining crew are thrown into the abyss of outer space, floating with only communicators to link them in their final moments.

“…hurtling in space in every direction. And now, there were only voices. All kinds of voices, disembodied and impassioned, in varying degrees of terror and resignation. All moving away from one another.”

Mars is Heaven

When the first spaceship from earth lands on Mars, what will we find? Will we find the ruins of a dead and deserted planet, or will there be life? Will humans be welcomed with open arms? Or will the Martians treat us as invaders? Find out in the frightening classic tale Mars is Heaven.

The Dead Laugh

This story is a triangle tale concerning a man, a woman, and a murderer. When a powerful Judge sentences a criminal to death, a ghostly twist arises to haunt him in the end.

The Screaming Woman

Margaret O’Leary is a little girl who spends her afternoons playing in her fort down at the old abandoned lot. One Thanksgiving, Margaret hears the mysterious screams of a woman echoing from underneath the ground. Is it real? Is it all in her imagination? Is it supernatural? Will anyone believe the O’Leary child?

The Thought

The Great Marlow The Mental Marvel, who can read your thoughts and know your darkest desires, warns a young married woman that her husband intends to murder her. Who can she turn to? Who can she trust?

The Veldt

The Hadley family just purchased the most technologically superior home money can buy. It is a fully automated home, the house cooks for you, it cleans for you and comes equipped with a virtual reality nursery where you can live out every thought and fantasy. The parents soon become concerned that their children Wendy and Belle are spending far too much time in the nursery which is permanently transforming an African veldt. Will the nursery destroy them?

The Vengeful Corpse

Living on the edge of a cemetery can make what is unseen seen, especially when it comes to getting to know your ancestors and the stories they carry with them from one life into the next.

Zero Hour

It’s a game called “invasion”. In the future, young children will be persuaded to play a game called invasion led by a mysterious character named Drill. Adults are so busy they don’t even see it coming. With help from children like Mink the invasion will begin at zero hour!

“When the invasion happens, we’ll have to get rid of you and Dad. But I’ll make sure it won’t hurt too much.” -Mink

Thanks in advance for paying what you can to help offset the expenses of our radio plays!

The Theatre Arts department at Central Memorial has benefited with ties to the professional theatre community and our various alumni working in the industry. 

We could not have been successful without the wonderful mentorship, guidance and support from Christian Goutsis. 

We would like to thank Six Degrees Music and Sound Production for their continual work with Central Memorial. Theatre. Producing radio productions has been a new and exciting process for us.



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